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Arnold Zageris

Fractured Rock of Labrador by Arnold Zageris
Fractured Rock of Labrador
Digital Chromogenic Print
40 X 30 inches
From the Exhibition
Arnold Zageris - Photographs of Labrador
July 23 - August 22, 2010
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Arnold Zageris, a retired biology teacher, specializes in large format photography to capture the wondrous geological formations and landscapes of Newfoundland and Labradorby using a 4 x 5 view camera His crisp and colourful rock portraits are completely unaltered, which he attributes to waiting for the right light and finding the best angle to complete his vision His photographs explore the magnificent contrast between the grandeurs of nature’s open spaces and the delicate form and texture of isolated rock formations His work is in the collection of the Canadian Museum Contemporary Photography, a branch of the National Gallery of Canada and he has exhibited his photographs across Canada

"My visual impression of the world is perceived as a continuous mix of complexities, order and disorder It is both pleasurable and rewarding to discover and record the underlying rhythms concealed in hidden forms and elusive colours These compelling stimuli can be found everywhere; be it in the familiar city streets or in the exotic environment of an arctic sea cave My commitment is then to search and find the quality of light that can inspire the imagination, add value to an ordinary subject or bring attention to objects passed by

To achieve this end I use a large format 4x5 view camera as a recording vehicle for all my vistas and intimate details Its large film size heightens the viewer’s emotional experience by preserving all the details and colours of the moment Balancing this abundant information allows me then to recreate my original response by combining all the recorded elements into a harmoniously designed photographic print.

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